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Introducing smartcellarEMS

Tamworth based company Smartcellar is releasing a new dispense monitoring system in early 2012, Smartcellar EMS. Smartcellar has developed a system that upgrades operators' current Dispense Monitoring Systems (DMS), and significantly reduces monthly costs. The system works by upgrading the software currently in use on site, removing the cost of hardware purchase. Once the system is Upgraded to the EMS system , the operator will now see their dispense information via Smartcellar's impressive gateway.

'The definition of the data harvested is remarkable compared to current systems' says Derrick Collin, founder of Brulines, now Smartcellar Chairman. 'The main driver for the service is the vastly improved reporting updated every 24 hours, but coupled with lowered service charges, there are considerable upsides for operators.'

Offering BDM and Operator support via online tutorials, we are sure the online reports will be viewed much more than current systems.

smartcellar Event Monitoring System (EMS) now records individual events whilst competitors can only consolidate the total volume dispensed during lengthy time periods. The benefit is more accurate data specifically on volume dispense and line cleaning.

For any further information, do not hesitate to call Smartcellar on 0845 0768186

welcome to smartcellar

Smartcellar offers a class-leading range of proprietary technologies & services that increase profits through dispense quality assurance, volume recovery and utility monitoring. Our user-friendly, web based platform provides you with a tangible means to optimize outlet efficiency and drive improvements in dispense quality from just a single site up to an entire estate.

In addition to its rapidly growing UK user base, smartcellar is increasing profits for customers around the world, ranging from Europe & Canada to the United Arab Emirates.

Our user-friendly web portals provide focused, clear & simple graphical information – which specifically avoids ‘data overload’. Via a friendly support team, we’ll ensure that you derive a tangible return on your investment with us.

brand ownersBrand Owners

Ensure that your brands are served as you expect: at the correct temperature through clean lines & without product substitution – wherever in the world they are. We provide easy access to the information needed to monitor how your product is being served, so you’re fully in control of your brand integrity.

pub companiesPub Companies

View real-time, key estate performance information via a web based, ‘scorecard’ format. Smartcellar is able to integrate with your other information systems to provide a single, user -friendly portal for all your key information. Set your own exception reporting levels to receive alerts via text, e-mail or telephone.

equipment suppliersEquipment Suppliers

Our award winning design team are on hand to advise on integrating our technology into your next tap design, cooler or other dispense equipment. Differentiate your product by using our ‘intelligence’ to achieve metered dispense, class leading power efficiency & accurate dispense temperatures.

tenants and SMOstenants managers

Increase sales & reduce costs: smartcellar will help ensure you pour the perfect drink, leading to increased customer satisfaction and that all important repeat sale. Increase margins by reducing over-pours and stock ‘leakage’. Identify inefficient cooling & under performing fonts. Keep in touch wherever you are.

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